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Bobsleighs on the Alpine Coaster and Bobsleigh Track are for 1- 2 persons. Prices are per person, not per bobsleigh.

The price is the same for the Alpine Coaster and the Bobsleigh Track. Prices can be combined. We remind you that the Bobsleigh Track may be closed due to bad weather, particularly during the winter months. For more information see “News” or call +420 602 780 726.

HIGH SEASON: July–August

1 ride100 CZK / 4,00 €
6 rides500 CZK / 20,00 €
10 rides750 CZK / 30,00 €
40 rides2.500 CZK / 100,00 €

LOW SEASON: September–June

1 ride80 CZK / 3,50 €
6 rides400 CZK / 17,00 €
10 rides600 CZK / 26,00 €
40 rides2.000 CZK / 85,00 €

Cards are transferable, can be used for both tracks, and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.


We can tailor a card to your needs.
Choose a date, the number of rides and pick up a charged card with the name of your school and class at the cash desk at Bobovka Park. Children can choose which track they want to go on when they arrive.
If you buy at least 41 rides, the price per ride will be CZK 45
The card is transferable, can be used for both tracks and is valid for the day of the event.


Disabled persons receive an accompanied ride on each track for free. Both tracks are wheelchair accessible.


Slupečná 301,
382 78 Lipno nad Vltavou


tel +420 602 780 726    obalka